Commercial Parking Lots

There are two layers of this application. The 1st is a single layer of hot mix binder asphalt compacted to a depth of 2. Next a single layer of HMAS is installed to a compacted depth of 1 . All applications can be custom designed to fit the requirements of use or an engineers request.


Striping is the most effective way to control traffic in any parking lot. Use of lines, arrows, emblems, signs, letters and numbers not only enhances the appearance of the lot but also keeps vehicles parked in the correct directions, pedestrians safe and handicap vehicles in their designated areas. All striping can be done on your lot using the same layout that exists or can be redesigned just the same as striping is laid out on new parking lots.

Hot Mix Surface Asphalt (HMSA)

Surface material that finishes very smooth. Binder/ Base Base material made with larger stone in the mix used as 1st layer in multiple layers. Appears rough when finished.

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