Asphalt Maintenance


Part of maintaining your parking lot could require patching areas that have failed. The best way to patch any failed area is to cut that area out and replace with fresh H.M.A. The reason for cutting area out is that the sub-base (stone) can be inspected and replaced if needed. (The most common cause of asphalt failure is that the sub base has become unstable). Infrared patching is another method of repair but must only be used on the proper repair sites that need no work to sub base. After cut outs and patching is complete, the joint where the new patch meets the existing asphalt is sealed with a hot pour rubberized crack fill material.

Crack Fill

Another very important method of extending the useful life of your asphalt lot is crack filling with a hot rubberized material that keeps water out and stops the freeze and thaw cycle from destroying the area.

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